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“Turning Point” at my place tonight & Paparazzi Productions

I’m ordering the TNA PPV (“Turning Point”) tonight. I caught the last two episodes of Impact on Spike, and it’s become abundantly clear that the company’s overbooking itself into oblivion. Hiring Vince Russo and placing him as the head of the three-man booking committee was the worst thing this company could have done. The one thing that made TNA a good alternative – its matches – is gone. Replaced is a form of Russo’s patented Crash TV that’s so rushed and skitzophrenic it makes the worst episode of Nitro look like Memphis wrestling in its prime.

The one highlight of the past several weeks has been Alex Shelley and Kevin Nash’s “Eye Spy Paparazzi Productions” (which is one of my choices for gimmick of the year). Despite the fact that Nash in the past has been incredibly selfish and lazy, in a non-wrestling role without any creative control, there’s nobody better. Sure, people complain that it makes light of the X-Division and takes the emphasis away from wrestling, but it’s in the very least entertaining and giving the X-Division much more attention than it has been given in the past six months. Senshi’s title reign was so horribly booked it was groan-inducing, as was the stable of Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, and Jay Lethal as guys who were obsessed with “Jackass Number Two”. Hell, the latter one was so bad the TNA live crowds turned on it, and for those mindless lemmings to turn on ANYTHING and boo tells you exactly how bad that was.

So a little background – Alex Shelley’s character is obsessed with Kevin Nash, and jumped at the opportunity to align himself with the former world champion. Nash repeatedly makes ridiculous claims that he has been a pioneer of the X-Division for anywhere from 25 to 30 years, despite the fact that he hasn’t wrestled anywhere near that length of time and was always just a big lug. Enter Austin Starr (also known as Austin Aries in ROH), who is Kevin Nash’s new heir apparent for the X-Division.

The highlight of the skits is always the interaction between Shelley and Nash. So, without further adieu, YouTube stuff.


As mentioned previously, I’m ordering the TNA Pay-Per-View “Turning Point” at my place tonight, and also ordering food. So far Steve, Dave Bro, Ryan, and possibly Ed are going to be coming. If you want in, gimme a call on the cell.

Year-end wrestling award nominations post (with an open call for further nominations) will be made tomorrow afternoon.

More later…

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