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UFC 65 TONIGHT, Learn From Pretentiousness, The Pick of Destiny, and Other Random Stuff

UFC 65 – Hughes/St. Pierre
Despite other fights which received equal hype this year, tonight’s UFC main event of Matt Hughes defending the UFC Welterweight Championship against Georges St. Pierre should actually deliver in terms of competitiveness and fight quality. I contacted Hall to see if he wanted to watch, however he might be going out to the woods so he can hunt tomorrow. I’m still considering ordering the pay-per-view, however $40 is pretty steep for one person to pay. I’ll probably end up watching if I can harangue at least one other person to come over and split the cost.

The fight order as of this afternoon, according to Dave Meltzer:
* Joe Stevenson (155) vs. Dokonjonosuke Mishima (154.5) – Mishima is a Japanese pro wrestler who has primarily competed in Pride, which means that he puts on flashy matches but can’t consistently pull out wins – which is exactly my problem with Pride. They have a handful of guys who are dominant and could easily handle anyone in the UFC’s respective weight divisions (Wanderlei de Silva being a prime example), but they flood their cards with fighters who are flashy but don’t have a ton of substance. Stevenson should win, and if he doesn’t will get a lot of heat from people who go on the defensive whenever someone compares Pride to the UFC.
* Brandon Vera (230.5) vs. Frank Mir (254) – Word on the street is that this time around Mir’s high weight is due to muscle mass rather than fat, something that I won’t believe until I see it. Mir’s going to have to beat Vera standing in the first round to win this fight, and that most likely isn’t going to happen. Vera wins in the 2nd via ref stoppage.
* Tim Sylvia (262.5) vs. Jeff Monson (237.5) – There’s no way Monson can lose if he brings his A-game and takes Sylvia to the ground. The only problem is that he’s fighting a dangerous heavyweight striker (by UFC standards anyway) with a tremendous reach. That’s one of my problems with the heavyweights in MMA, in that you can have two guys fighting who have 25 to 30 pounds between them and still be considered to be in the same weight class. It also doesn’t help that the Heavyweight Division sucks regardless in the UFC simply due to the fact that Heavyweights aren’t marketable in North America anymore, and the best Heavyweights in the world aren’t going to be worth the money they could make in Japan. I’m not saying that a Heavyweight Division can’t be marketable if the UFC invested some money into it, but any and all interest in boxing in the past five years has been in the lower weight classes and that certainly goes double for MMA. I’m pulling for Monson to win, but my brain tells me that Sylvia’s going to knock him out in the 1st.
* Drew McFedries (202) vs. Alessio Sakara (204) – I’ve never seen or heard of either of these two guys, which isn’t surprising considering they’ve been thrown in the death spot of the card (the second-to-last match).
* Matt Hughes (170) vs. Georges St. Pierre (169) – By all accounts, St. Pierre should win this fight. He’s younger, more well-rounded, and a much better fighter than he was when he fought Hughes the first time around a couple years back. Hughes however has that intangible that gets him wins even when all logic and pre-fight analysis would dictate otherwise. I’m pulling for St. Pierre and my brain tells me he’ll win, but my gut instinct is that Hughes is going to walk out tonight with his title intact. I also have a feeling this might go the distance and end with one of those split decisions that are justified in that it’s a close fight but won’t prevent morons on the internet from saying stuff like “the UFC fixed this fight” (despite the fact that the organization has absolutely no control or contact whatsoever with the judges chosen by the California State Athletic Commission). Regardless of the outcome it’ll be a fight worth all the hype it’s gotten, and if the buyrate doesn’t reflect that it’ll be a real crime and indicative of whether the UFC’s popularity is long-term or just a passing fad as some have speculated.

Over a month ago, I posted an excerpt of Carl Sagan’s writing in this entry reflecting on the significance of a picture taken by Voyager 1 of Earth from afar. At the behest of thebigfatman, I cross-posted it to the ajoyforever LJ Community. Just a few days ago, I received this response from learnfromdeath:

“The remarkable thing to me is how putting things in perspective like that makes life simultaneously meaningless and even more precious.”

Note to people who are going to create overly-pretentious LJ accounts – simply summarizing something into one sentence is not reflective or enlightening, nor is it really much of a response. Rather, you’re simply showing that you got the point of the writing, which anyone with half a brain could do. It’s like someone responding to this entry with “Hughes and St. Pierre are fighting tonight.” Yeah, no shit.

Droppin’ Bills at J.C. Penney’s and Player Haters at Cumberland Farms
Last night I went clothes shopping for the first time in quite awhile. I managed to get two slacks, one pair of cargos, a dress shirt, a button-down shirt, a sweater, and two packages of white undershirts for about $130. Not bad at all. I have new clothes and I look fantastic in them. I’d take pictures and post them on the internet, but I’m not a complete loser so that isn’t likely to happen.

While I was in the store , I saw a hooded sweatshirt that said “Pink Floyd” on the front. No accompanying logo or fancy font, just “PINK FLOYD” in big bold letters. It was one of those clothing items that you look at and the only reaction you can garner is “yep, that’s the name of a band.” I also think it might be part of the reason why so many people seem to hate Pink Floyd now-a-days – because they have fans that would actually buy such non-descript apparel simply because the band’s name is on it. Well, that and it makes you seem cool and hip on the internet to buck against certain trends just for the sake of bucking against them (using statements such as “Dark Side of the Moon is a jumbled mess” while not being able to justify it with an explanation).

Afterwards I went to Cumberland Farms and bought a carton of cigarettes, since they’ll last me two weeks and in the long run it’s a few bucks cheaper. The woman working the counter was some old nut with a big mouth, and her interaction with the customers in front me of had me dreading the inevitable exchange between us from the moment I stepped into the store. One guy in his twenties asked if she had change for a twenty, and she said “all I have is a ten and two fives.” He said “sure, that’s fine” and she responded with “well I can’t help you otherwise so it’s going to have to be a ten and two fives” in a very exasperated tone. The kid seemed to have the same perplexed look on his face that I had, wondering why exactly she was copping an attitude. So I finally get in line and ask for the carton. I take my Visa card and my ID out of my wallet, knowing that she’s going to be one of those that annoyingly examines the ID and looks me over even though nobody in their right mind would think that the ID wasn’t legit or that I was younger than 20 (let alone 17). So after giving it the full examination you would expect from someone who needs to feel an underserved sense of superiority and authority just to get through their day, I handed her my debit card. She takes the card and incredulously asked “you want to pay with this?” I was tempted to respond with “no, I’m just showing you that I have one” but passed. There’s times to amuse myself, and then there’s times where I don’t want to make someone act any more awkward than they already are. When the transaction finished I tried to figure out exactly what it was about a 40 dollar transaction being paid with a credit card that someone would find out of the ordinary, and couldn’t figure it out. If any of you could enlighten me, please do.

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
Anyone who’s known me for more than three years will tell you that I’m a nut for Tenacious D. “Pick of Destiny” is finally opening on the 22nd, and I can’t wait to see it. I was a little disappointed a few weeks ago when I first saw the trailer, but the word coming out of pre-screenings is that the trailer isn’t doing the film justice. Which is a huge relief. I purchased the soundtrack on iTunes, which to my surprise didn’t contain any songs that were on their previous album (their self-titled release from 2001). I don’t know why I thought that’d be the case, but I was under that impression for quite some time.

The album’s the type of soundtrack that gets you adequately hyped for a film’s release. The D maintains the sense of humor from their first album that people will either find highly amusing or incredibly stupid while simultaneously providing, a prime example of which can be found with the track “Papagenu (He’s My Sassafrass”). Either you’re going to find a Sasquatch with a speech impediment hilarious or devoid of any and all humor, with absolutely no in-between. “Let’s take a dip in tha strawbewwy wiva! COME AWN!”

The songs once again lampoon over-indulgent metal with blistering acoustic accompaniment, however this time around they’re also parodying over-indulgent “rock” musicals. The first track is the finest example of this, which is made even better by the fact that they were somehow able to get Meatloaf and Dio to sing on the same track (though not together).

I don’t hate on Jack Black as much as others might, but my favorite work of his is easily the Tenacious D stuff and nothing will probably ever change that despite any of his best attempts. Highly recommended if you’re already a fan of The D, but can’t speak on a recommendation otherwise.

Listening to this album also makes me miss The Duke quite a bit. He and I (the Earl of Rockington) really need to get together so that Third Place can start jamming to some D covers and the two originals we wrote. None of you should ever forget that our flow is out of sight, more violent than Passion of the Christ. At times like this, reflecting back on friends I’ve loss contact with, the Rock and Roll Cross truly does weigh heavy.

Other Stuff
* If anyone can figure out why anybody in their right mind would shell out $51.1 million just for the right to sit in the same room with a guy without a guarantee he’ll sign or perform well, additionally one who plays a game in another country that while similar in practice and name isn’t identical, please let me know. The Red Sox are absolute fools for buying into that confidence game, and the Yankees aren’t much better for offering competing bids.

* It didn’t occur to me how badly I’ll need the four consecutive days off I’ll get due to Thanksgiving until last night, when I became completely non-functional at 10pm. On a Friday. Three-day work weeks are terrific.

* Amazingly, at 2-8, I’m still in the running to make the play-offs in one of the fantasy football leagues I’m in. I’m still two games above .500 in the Final Fantasy Football League, and I hold the best record in the NBSFL simply due to the existence of one LaDainian Tomlinson. I’m still in second in my Pick-Em league, due mostly to performing abysmally as of late (I don’t think I’ve had more than five right in the past several weeks).

More later…

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