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My Pathetic Saturday, The Ultimate Fighter, The ALCS & NLCS, and More

So, what did I do today…welp, I added the following feeds to my LJ f-list. Most of them are webcomics that I decided to give a try, and I suspect some of them will be off the list sooner rather than later. God, I’m such a cynic it’s disgusting.

Here’s the list:
_ctrlaltdel_rss – Ctrl+Alt+Del (webcomic). I’ve had a handful of people recommend this, so I decided to pull the trigger and give it a try.
ca_zits – Syndicated feed for Zits. I remember liking the strip awhile back, but haven’t really seen much of it lately.
catandgirl – Cat and Girl (webcomic). Updated every Monday.
colbert_feed – Colbert Report video feed. How could I not add this?
decemberistsrss – RSS news feed for the band The Decemberists.
dieselsweet – Syndicated feed for Diesel Sweeties. I saw it the other day in the Times Union and and liked it, so there ya go.
foxtrot_url – Syndicated feed for Foxtrot.
libertymeadows – Liberty Comics. Interesting enough for me to feel compelled to add it.
lost_media – Lost Media. Syndicated feed pertaining to the show “Lost.”
phdcomic – PhD Comics (webcomic).
realliferss – Real Life comics (webcomic).
redmeat_rss – Syndicated feed for Red Meat. I decided to give it another shot. I used to be obsessed with it years ago, but then I felt it got old and tired. I saw some more recent strips, however, and found them amusing. We’ll see if it’s a case of nostalgia or whatever.
vgc – VG Cats. Seems…alright.
wordupthome – The Dugout. I checked it out on the recommendation of bpdermody, and wasn’t disappointed. Great concept – MLB players, managers, and other personalities conversing with each other through IM. Nothing beats Jim Thome’s character, who types like a 12-year-old (complete with Caps Lock perpetually turned on).

Oh, and you should be checking out dinosaurcomics. Freaking HILARIOUS. I can’t plug that strip enough.

What else did I do today? OH! I made mix CDs for work. Well, the playlists anyway. I’ll burn the CDs tomorrow. It was tough, because I had to constantly keep in mind that it being an office that services a decent volume of consumers, I couldn’t put anything that was too disjointing, loud, or might potentially offend someone. As a result, there’s a few bands and solo acts that appear more than once. “Oh my God, yeah that sucks so bad that people can’t handle it and you have to be censored and blah blah blah.” Listen, nobody told me I had to do it. It’s common courtesy, and really it’s the most minor of inconveniences.

1. “Mother Nature’s Son” by The Beatles
2. “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” by The Band
3. “Lightness” by Death Cab for Cutie
4. “The Great Compromise” by John Prine
5. “Nothing” by Dwight Yoakam
6. “O Maria” by Beck
7. “A Well Respected Man” by The Kinks
8. “Candy Says” by The Velvet Underground
9. “Downtown Train” by Tom Waits
10. “Thunder On the Mountain” by Bob Dylan
11. “Ain’t That Lonely Yet” by Dwight Yoakam (yeah, I know. The CD was already burning by the time I noticed he was on here twice.)
12. “California Stars” by Billy Bragg
13. “The Infanta” by The Decemberists
14. “Found Out About You” by Gin Blossoms
15. “And She Was” by Talking Heads
16. “Girlfriend” by Matthew Sweet

1. “Across the Great Divide” by The Band
2. “Something to Talk About” by Badly Drawn Boy
3. “Johnny Strikes Up the Band” by Warren Zevon
4. “We Both Go Down Together” by The Decemberists
5. “Dora Mae’s Funeral” by Jeff Beal (from the Carnivale soundtrack)
6. “The Maker Makes” by Rufus Wainwright
7. “Ode to Billy Joe” by John Butler
8. “Veronica” by Elvis Costello
9. “Pull Shapes” by The Pipettes
10. “Drive-In Saturday” by David Bowie
11. “We Live Again” by Beck
12. “Not Half Right” by Heatmiser
13. “Illegal Smile” by John Prine
14. “Artificial Man” by The Kinks
15. “Sorry You Asked” by Dwight Yoakam
16. “Ramblin’ Man” by Robin & Linda Williams (and no, it’s not THAT Robin Williams)
17. “How Many Hearts” by Travis
18. “Samson” by Regina Spektor
19. “Bell Boy” by The Who
20. “Bad Businessman” by Squirrel Nut Zippers
21. “Shine On Harvest Moon” by Leon Redbone

1. “Here Comes Your Man” by The Pixies
2. “Lawyers, Guns And Money” by Warren Zevon
3. “Virgie” by Johnny Cash
4. “Memphis Exorcism” by Squirrel Nut Zippers
5. “I Can’t Reach You” by The Who
6. “Lake Marie” by John Prine
7. “Forever in Blue Jeans” by Neil Diamond
8. “Nights in White Satin” by The Moody Blues
9. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by The Beatles
10. “New York Groove” by Ace Frehley
11. “We Looked Like Giants” by Death Cab For Cutie
12. “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye” by Robbie Williams
13. “Nettie Moore” by Bob Dylan
14. “That’s the Story Of My Life” by The Velvet Underground
15. “The Unfaithful Servant” by The Band
16. “Hero” by Regina Spektor
17. “The Good Times Are Killing Me” by Modest Mouse
18. “Something In the Way” by Nirvana

1. “Miss Teen Wordpower” by The New Pornographers
2. “Stray Cat Strut” by The Stray Cats
3. “In My Head” by Queens of the Stone Age
4. “Marker in the Sand” by Pearl Jam
5. “Satin in a Coffin” by Modest Mouse
6. “Excitable Boy” by Warren Zevon
7. “Start Wearing Purple” by Gogol Bordello
8. “Never Let Me Down Again” by Smashing Pumpkins
9. “The Sound of Settling” by Death Cab for Cutie
10. “Staralfur” by Sigur Rós
11. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Johnny Cash (f/ Fiona Apple)
12. “Playground Love (Vibraphone Version)” by Air
13. “200lbs of Pure Love” by Red Elvises
14. “There’s No Home For You Here” by White Stripes
15. “Another Man’s Vine” by Tom Waits
16. “Sweet Virginia” by The Rolling Stones
17. “Yer Blues” by The Beatles
18. “Blame it On the Tetons” by Modest Mouse
19. “A Minute Longer” by Stereophonics

So…yeah, that was my day. I’m fucking pathetic.

Didn’t do anything tonight, either. I got an offer to go play Risk, but I’d never played it before and supposedly those games tend to last quite awhile…given that we wouldn’t be starting until after 10:30pm, I passed. Being the bum that I am lately, there were a few games on (and a few shows on later this evening) that I wanted to catch. In particular I really wanted to catch the episode of “The Ultimate Fighter” that I missed on Thursday.

Tonight’s (actually Thursday’s) episode featured the annoucement of the semifinal matches, an awkward visit from Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes, and the first of the aforementioned semifinal bouts. They started by bringing the eight remaining fighters (four welterweights and middleweights respectively) into a conference room to ask them who they wanted to fight. The group interviewing each fighter included UFC President Dana White, Chuck Liddell, Georges St. Pierre (who’s entertaining as all get-out to watch fight and seems to be a legit down-to-Earth guy), Matt Hughes, and one other guy – not exactly sure who, since I was only half paying attention during the first ten minutes. The only interesting part of the Middleweight interviews came when Matt Hughes questioned why Drago would want a tougher semi-final fight just so he could fight “his buddy” Cote (Hughes words and not mine) in the finals. I understand the practicality of Hughes’s argument, but he doesn’t seem to understand the competitive nature inherent in most other fighters. Also, he doesn’t seem to get that Drago/Cote is probably the most marketable of the possible finals among the Middleweights. After the interviews, Dana White announces the Middleweight semi-finals – Pete “Drago” Sell will take on Travis Lutter, while “Drago’s Pal” Patrick Cote will fight Edwin “Bam Bam” deWeis. If I’m a betting man, I’m going with Drago and Bam Bam in the Middleweight Finals. Cote’s got all the necessary tools, but I’m not sure if he can get it done when it all comes down to it.

They move onto the Welterweights, which was much more entertaining. Matt Serra was brought in first and made it very clear that he wanted to fight Shonie Carter. Part of it is to avenge that infamous “spinning backfist” knockout Carter gave Serra all those years ago, and part of it is that Shonie’s just really obnoxious and rubs Matt the wrong way. Welcome to the club, Matt. Din Thomas said he wanted Chris Lytle. Shonie Carter came in wearing a ridiculous faux-pimp suit and sporting fu manchu facial hair that he’d dyed blonde. As if he didn’t look ridiculous enough, he looked the other seasoned fighters in the room dead in the eye and said (without a hint of sarcasm or irony) that they all know he’d fought all over the world and beaten the best of the best. The fighters in the room were shown trying their damndest not to burst out laughing at that statement, and I can’t say I blame them since I almost fell off the couch when I heard that. He continued saying that since he’s already beaten Lytle and Serra in the past, he thinks he should fight Din Thomas. I don’t recall him ever even fighting Lytle, so I think that was just another one of his grandiose hallucinations. Lytle was brought in last and said he didn’t have a preference. Dana White then announced the Welterweight finals – Din Thomas vs. Chris Lytle and Shonie Carter vs. Matt Serra. The Thomas/Lytle fight, which on paper seems to be the toughest one to predict, was tonight’s fight.

Before the fight, they showed a quick segment where all the reamining fighters and trainers went to a sushi place for dinner. Matt Hughes was a total dick, trying to get into George St. Pierre’s head (they have an upcoming Welterweight Championship match). GSP seemed taken aback, though if I was in his position I would’ve asked Hughes if he was seriously trying to talk shit in a sushi restaurant. Even with cameras present, that reeks of desperation. Afterwards, Matt Serra was in the van with the other fighters and he was pissed at Hughes. He called him a “stuck-up farmboy jock” (dead-on assessment IMO) and asked why guys who hold a title in the UFC feel like they have a license to be a complete dick (referencing Middleweight Champion’s piss-poor attitude when he was brought in as a guest trainer a few weeks back). Good question.

Alright fight between Din Thomas and Chris Lytle, but it got very boring at times. The timekeeper provided by the Nevada State Athletic Commission had a total brainfart and allowed the first round to go six minutes instead of five. Very weird…Dana White claims that’s never happened before in the UFC, and I have to take his word for it since I don’t recall that ever happening anywhere. Not to say that it definitely hasn’t, just that I’ve never personally seen it. The fight itself was pretty dull, which is a little surprising considering their styles. Both guys (especially Din) seemed to gas out midway through the second round, and I have to wonder if the timekeeper’s error in the first round played into that at all, since at 4:50 or so they were both made to stand up after being on the ground for quite some time. After three rounds the unanimous decision went to Lytle, who I also picked. There was a funny moment where “Captain Miserable” Charles McCarthy said “man, I think Din won that round…he has it in the bag.” What a delusional, depressed, and boring idiot that guy is. Afterwards Din and someone else (can’t remember who – might’ve been Dana White) said that Lytle’s the favorite to win the Welterweight portion of TUF. Besides the fact that I’m pulling for him because I think he’s a stand-up guy and he’s entertaining as well, I think the favorite’s still gotta be Matt Serra. He looked incredible against Pete Spratt in the prelim round.

Detroit won the ALCS today by sweeping Oakland. Good game, and you could smell how it was going to end from the middle of the 9th onward. It was one of those things where everything just fell into place exactly as it should have, and here’s hoping that Detroit can win the World Series and put a fire back under that franchise that’s been missing for over a decade.

Meanwhile in the NLCS, Suppan shut out the Mets to give the Cardinals a 2-1 lead in the series. To me this was more or less expected, and I still can’t understand why the sports media keep underestimating the Cardinals. Part of it is probably because they’ve been the best team in the NL over the past four years but always seem to choke when they get to the big dance. Which is understandable, but to ignore the fact that as of this moment the Mets don’t have any starting pitching beyond Tom Glavine just adds more fuel to the “East Coast Bias” theory. Despite a fairly weak bullpen, I’m going to stick to what I figured would be the outcome of this series from the start – Cardinals in six (Glavine will get the Mets two wins and that’ll be all she wrote).

I watched most of the Auburn/Florida game tonight. I can’t decide if Auburn was just that pissed and motivated or if Florida was just that sloppy. Next week is THE (ugh) Ohio State University taking on Michigan. Now THAT should be interesting.

Keith Olbermann is becoming a little irritating with all the anti-Bush stuff. I dislike the Administration’s policies as much as the next liberal, but I can’t fault them for saying the same things about evangelicals that I’ve been saying for quite some time now (nutbags). Also, are people really that surprised that there’s people involved in politics who are insincere towards a particular segment of the population and will use them just to get their votes? Not to sound completely cynical and/or defeatist, but hasn’t that been the very nature of American politics since forever?

Every time I see Bill O’Reilly’s face, I can’t help but think that if he had kids he would beat them mercilessly.

This week’s DeGrassi really sucked. The Jimmy character was so much more interesting when he was re-discovering himself with Ellie’s help. Oh, and nothing they do is going to make me care about Darcy.

I read somewhere that “Friday Night Lights” is most likely going to be cancelled in a few weeks, which made me absolutely depressed. I really hope that’s just empty speculation.

Steve Lyons is a moron. And somehow, judging by some reactions I’ve read, implying that Lou Piniella will steal your wallet because he’s Latino isn’t offensive. Right. I just wish that the perpetually annoying Joe Buck and Tim McCarver would drop some racial slurs so I didn’t have to listen to their “nails on a chalkboard” analysis. Ditto for the uber-obnoxious Bob Costas on “Football Night in America.”

Speaking of which, am I the only one who finds that name for NBC’s Sunday Night Football extremely lame? I must hate America, because I groan every time I see or hear it.

More later…

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  1. October 19, 2006 at 4:22 am

    DEFINITELY hoping the Tigers keep everything going! (Detroit love.)

    Have you seen the article in The Onion about the Tigers beating the Yankees?

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