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Welp, I’m up shit creek.

I’m sure you all remember the story about Unemployment. No movement there, could still be 3 more weeks. So that’s $360 (possibly more) that I’m waiting on.

ADDITIONALLY, I was told last week that I would get paid today and that it would most likely go automatically to direct deposit. The person I spoke to at the time was WRONG. Not about the direct deposit, mind you, but that I’m not getting paid until NEXT week. So that’s more money I have to wait on.

In the meantime, my bank account’s been overdrawn for well over a week now due to automatic payments that I wasn’t able to disable in time (or at all), so now not only am I in a hole but I have to call the bank and hopefully – HOPEFULLY – my account won’t be shut down.

Oh, the kicker? I decided to come in early today because yesterday they were doing server maintenance all day (meaning a good chunk of work to be done yesterday couldn’t be done). Came in an hour and a half early, and nothing going. We were only going to be down until 11:00am, but now the server won’t reboot, so God only knows when it’ll be up and/or what time I’m going to be getting out.

That’s secondary, however, to the fact that I’m financially screwed. I’d like to once again say HOORAY TO UNEMPLOYMENT SERVICES for punishing me for accepting one job and turning down another.

Man…where’s a wealthy Nigerian Banker looking to transfer millions but needs my account to give me a cut of the proceeds to do it when you need one?

More later…

…probably not.

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