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Fantasy Football Results
(Week 4)

Record: 4-0
Final Score: Galactic Inquisitors 120.64, The Wrathful Buddha 79.60
Notes: Tampa Bay RB Carnell Williams, Denver WR Rod Smith, and Giants TE Jeremy Shockey all had a bye this week. Honestly, I think Shockey was the only one I missed, and I’m happy to report that I’m still dominating in this league. Peyton Manning had a so-so week made much better with a Rushing TD while teammate Marvin Harrison was just sort of…there. With a respectable showing, of course. Muhsin Muhammad got the ball in the endzone again, which helped. Santana Moss had a HYOOOOOGE week, and it’s about time that Washington started taking advantage of him. Deuce McCallister isn’t putting up the numbers he would have put up last season, but he’s hanging in there. Good thing I have Seattle’s Defense permanently benched – they actually scored negative points this week.

Record: 2-2
Final Score: Cabernash Pistols 64, Malicious Bastards 48
Notes: My opponent started Tiki Barber (who is on a bye) and STILL beat me. Ouch. Carson Palmer is done for the season as far as my team’s concerned, since VINCE YOUNG looks to be getting the permanent starting spot for the Titans. I can’t understand a damn word you say, but I like the way you move big man. LaDainian Tomlinson and Chester Taylor both had disappointing weeks considering the previous performances this season. Thank God for the Bears, as Bernard Berrian (picked up last week on waivers) and their defense were the only highlights for my team. Oh, and Detroit’s Jason Hansen (freaking kickers). Now, here’s the real dilemma – I have to start Javon Walker in Week 5, but who do I bench? I don’t want to give up on Greg Jennings and I’ve been somewhat impressed with Berrian this year, but my gut’s telling me neither’s going to put up decent numbers next week.

Record: 0-4
Final Score: Sex Boat Hookahs 91.51, Franklin County Jail 69.22
Notes: What a miserable, miserable team this year. They don’t look bad on paper. In action? Not so good. The lone highlight was Tom Brady, who didn’t even have that great of a week. With Javon Walker in a bye week, I had to play Derrick Mason (useless). Speaking of receiving corps, there’s not a whole Hell of a lot that Greg Jennings can do with Brett Favre throwing the ball forty yards while wearing a blindfold on every play. I think it’s time to start throwing out some trade bait (or throw in the towel) in this league.

Points for Week 4: 10/14
Points for Weeks 1-4 (total): 30/30
Correct Picks: Atlanta 32, Arizona 10; Carolina 21, New Orleans 18 (Saints win on 7 point spread); Buffalo 17, Minnesota 12; Baltimore 16, San Diego 13; Dallas 45, Tennessee 14; Kansas City 41, San Francisco 0 (ouch); Indiana 31, New York Jets 28 (Jets win on 9 point spread); St. Louis 41, Detroit 34 (always bet against the Lions – sorry Kohler); Chicago 37, Seattle 6; Philadelphia 31, Green Bay 9 (it should be noted I still went against GB even though they were given 11 points on the spread and it was still the easiest pick for me to make this week).
Incorrect Picks: Houston 17, Miami 15 (lost on 3.5 point spread to Houston – Miami is fucking MISERABLE this year); Washington 36, Jacksonville 30; New England 38, Cincinatti 13.
Push: Cleveland 24, Oakland 21 (push on a 3 point spread to Oakland).

I’m back in the hunt for the Pick ‘Em League, tied for 4th with a .500 overall record. Not bad. What IS bad is my showing in the LAFL thus far, and realistically I’ll have to win 5 of the next 9 to stay in it. It’s something that looks feasible but probably won’t be with the luck I’m having. The Bastards are comfortable in the NBSFL, and I’m feeling confident for the season in the long-term despite being 2-2. And while there may be ups and downs in the other leagues, I make everyone in the FFFL my bitch on a weekly basis. It’s delicious.

More later…

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