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Fantasy Football – Week 3

Fantasy Football Results
(Week 3)

Record: 3-0
Final Score: Galactic Inquisitors 114.78, Better Than the Lions 72.42
Notes: They might’ve been better than the Lions, but it still wasn’t enough to beat the Inquisitors, whose desperate yells of “IGNORE ME!” are falling on deaf ears due to being 3-0. Peyton Manning put in another solid (though not all that spectacular) effort at QB, throwing for 219 yards and 1 TD. The Receiving Corps of Marvin Harrison, Muhsin Muhammad, and Santana Moss continues to hold their own. Moss, however, still needs to see the ball more. Carnell Williams isn’t having the 100-yard games he should due to an injury-depleted Tampa O-Line, however he’s still getting points on the board. The other back, Deuce McAllister, isn’t showing any signs of slowing down even with having to split running time with Reggie Bush. Jeremy Shockey, despite being an idiot, is still the best TE I have in this or any other league. I had a complete brainfart and forgot to bench Vinatieri, however Josh Brown’s measly 6 fantasy points don’t make me feel all THAT stupid. Baltimore’s DEF stepped up to the plate once again.

Record: 2-1
Final Score: Malicious Bastards 49, Quahog Fighting Clams 37
Notes: Carson Palmer finally had a good week. The Taylors (Fred and Chester) did enough in RB to garner some fantasy points on the board, but not much else (LaDainian Tomlinson had a bye this week). Greg Jennings is earning his keep and will permanently replace Hines Ward for the time being. Javon Walker had a monster game. Randy McMichael once again put in an “eh” performance. Thank God for the Bears Defense and Jason Hanson, who I think is the only guy in Detroit garnering decent fantasy stats (and he’s the damn kicker).

Record: 0-3
Final Score: C’est Chic 107.81, Franklin County Jail 98.69
Notes: Man, just not a good season in this league by any stretch of the imagination. QB Drew Brees tanked. Looks like Tom Brady’s getting his starting job back for Week 4. A third consecutive poor performance from Chad Johnson, who for the time being is now put on the bench – shocking for a guy who at this time last year was putting up stellar numbers. Muhsin Muhammad – see comments for FFFL. Greg Jennings is finally starting to make me realize how smart of a pick he was for me to make. Actually, it’s not worth going through the rest. Long story short, I played the wrong guy at more or less every position.

Points for Week 3: 3/14
Points for Weeks 1-3 (total): 20/46
Correct Picks: Washington 31, Houston 15; Philadelphia 38, San Fran 24; New Orleans 23, Atlanta 3.
Incorrect Picks: Cincinatti 28, Pittsburgh 20; NY Jets 28, Buffalo 20; Carolina 26, Tampa Bay 24 (lost on spread of 3 to Tampa); Green Bay 31, Detroit 24; Miami 13, Tennessee 10 (lost on spread of 11 to Tennessee – I knew I should’ve taken that); Baltimore 15, Cleveland 14 (lost on spread of 6.5 to Cleveland); St. Louis 16, Arizona 14; Seattle 42, NY Giants 30; Denver 17, New England 7.
Push: Chicago 19, Minnesota 16 (Picked Chicago, Minnesota had 3 on the spread); Indianapolis 21, Jacksonville 14 (picked Jacksonville, tied with 7 on the spread).

Mixed feelings. I’m doing very well in the NBSFL and FFFL, both of which make me very happy. The performances thus far in the LAFL have me very disappointed. Those of us who were doing well in Weeks 1 and 2 of the Pick ‘Em League all seemed to tank this week, mostly due to spreads.

More later…

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