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NFL Week 1 Thoughts

Hyep, another damn football entry. This time, non-fantasy and non-Tony. Deal with it.

Pitssburgh 28, Miami 17
– Costly interceptions plague Daunte Culpepper once again, even with the move to Miami. Pittsburgh still looked like a contender, and I was surprised that Charlie Batch put on as good a performance as he did in this game. Who would’ve thunk it?

Baltimore 27, Tampa Bay 0
– Wow. Just…wow. Tampa Bay couldn’t get anything done on either side of the ball, and the injuries to their O-Line were even more disastrous to them than initially thought. Baltimore has a good defense, but not THAT good.

New Orleans 19, Cleveland 14
– The big story here is Reggie Bush. I remember discussing him with McLocks awhile back, and saying that I didn’t think his size would hamper him in the least. Over time the critics got the better of me, and even I started to doubt that he’d have an immediate impact. But boy, did he ever. The good news for him and the Saints are that they play the pathetic Packers next week, and I expect him to improve even further on his numbers for this week.

Atlanta 20, Carolina 6
– This isn’t the complete Carolina team that’ll be around in a couple weeks, so I don’t put too much stock into this win. Still, Atlanta’s shown improvements, and even with a hurt Carolina team they should be commended for their effort here and for not shoving the West Coast Offense down Michael Vick’s throat.

Seattle 9, Detroit 6
– I feel so sorry for anybody who had to watch this game. With Hasselbeck at QB, the OMG FUCKING FANTASTIC (slightly overrated) Shaun Alexander, and a decent receiving corps, there’s no excuse for a complete lack of offensive production against the freaking Lions (sorry Kohler).

Philadelphia 24, Houston 10
– Donovan McNabb is back, but for how long? The Texans, meanwhile, didn’t do anything to dissuade the “you should’ve picked Reggie”/”you should’ve picked Vince” mantras that’ll be coming from the stands all season.

New York Jets 23, Tennessee 16
– I apologize, since I know a lot of you are Jets fans, but allowing them to score 23 points? That’s ridiculous. The Titans have a rough schedule coming up with their next four games against San Diego, Miami, Dallas, and Indianapolis. I have a feeling that they’re going to start giving Vince Young starts sooner rather than later once they realize the season’s lost.

Cincinatti 23, Kansas City 10
– The concussion to Trent Green was bound to happen with such awful protection, which resulted not only in putting Green on the shelf for the next two games (and quite possibly more) but in seven sacks total to both him and Huard (which cost them a total of 54 yards). Palmer still seems to be shaken from last year’s postseason injury. Hopefully it was just a shaky start that he can bounce back from…otherwise, the Bengals are in a little bit of trouble.

St. Louis 18, Denver 10
– Another ugly, ugly game. Despite averaging almost six and a half yards rushing, Denver’s only TD came from Mike Bell (which was subsequently the only one scored in the game). All the Committee Rushing in the world, though, can’t make up for only 98 yards passing and 4 interceptions. All in all, the Rams looked okay and the Broncs looked miserable. No team should be allowed to accumulate 94 yards in penalties during a game and still win by 8 points.

New England 19, Buffalo 17
– It wasn’t looking too good for England in the first half…actually, not good at all. They managed to stage a comeback against a dead-in-the-water Buffalo team in the second half, however, and won it with a safety. Buffalo has a futile offense, once again, and they just can’t seem to get it done on third downs. That being said, the Patriots didn’t exactly look like Super Bowl contenders themselves. What it all comes down to is that they really need to start making more moves to beef up their roster, as they’ve lost quite a few key components over the last two seasons (the latest being Deion Branch). A team can only rely on good coaching and solid team dynamics for so long.

Jacksonville 24, Dallas 17
– Despite losing, Dallas doesn’t look all that bad for the long run. They should be okay as long as they don’t let stuff like the media hounding them about TO every five minutes become a distraction. Byron Leftwich looked better than he has in quite some time.

Chicago 26, Green Bay 0
– Green Bay is fucking miserable. End of story. Brett Favre and his undying fanbase are deluded and pathetic at this point, and though I know a lot of people will hate me for saying it, he should’ve gone out gracefully instead of tarnishing his reputation by being so miserable on such a miserable team. Also, did the Bears finally find the offensive rhythm they needed to get to the Super Bowl, or is the Green Bay defense that bad? Time will tell…

Arizona 34, San Francisco 27
– Whu—what?! That doesn’t seem right! San Francisco not the worst team in the National Football League? Proposterous. Dare I say, it’s outright blasphemy! Everyone was expecting Edgerrin James to be the big difference-maker for Arizona, but while he scored a TD he didn’t blow everyone away. On the same token, I don’t think anybody expected Kurt Warner to have a game like he did on Sunday. And does San Fran finally have a rushing game? Gad zooks!

Indianapolis 26, New York Giants 21
– Everybody on Monday morning was all “Peyton, Peyton, Peyton,” but he really didn’t look all that hot in this game. Eli impressed me more by really pulling himself together in the second half and stepping up his game when it was needed THAT’S the sign of a good quarterback, and it’s more impressive considering that his receivers (Armani Toomer and Plaxico Burress) really aren’t as good as Giants fans would like to believe. Sorry gang. And yes, that offensive pass interference call was BS, but the Giants didn’t do themselves many favors with dumb penalties during the game and bone-head plays like running in for more yards with time running out in the game (Shockey). But it’s only one loss against a pretty decent team, and Barber and Jacobs are going to run all over defenses this year. One loss isn’t the end of the world, and I was impressed with what I saw overall. The Giants are going to have a really, really good year. And boy, is Indy ever missing Edgerrin James.

Minnesota 19, Washington 16
– Minnesota wasn’t pretty. But they were efficient, Brad Johnson didn’t show his age all that much, and Chester Taylor showed a bit of promise for the coming season. Washington, on the other hand – man. 700 pages in Washington’s playbook, and none of them apparently on how convert on third down or how to get the Goddamn ball to Santana Moss. I mean, 97 yards on 3 rushes and 3 receptions? Remind me again why he’s not emphasized more in this offense?

San Diego 27, Oakland 0
– What the fuck happened to Oakland? Seriously. Even during last year’s debacle they didn’t look THIS bad. Art Shell looked absolutely defeated. Part of the problem is that Oakland has some of the proper tools but just doesn’t gel as a team, and they seemed to give up after the half as if they were being blown out 47-0 after two quarters instead of 16-0. They were sloppy, inconsistent, and unmotivated. Not a good sign at all. San Diego looked alright, and Philip Rivers was just fine for a young QB making his first start in the NFL. LaDainian Tomlinson’s a beast.

More later…

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