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Fantasy Football – Week 1

Fantasy Football Results
(Week 1)

Record: 1-0
Final Score:Galactic Inquisitors 121.82, Fevered Egos 83.24
Notes: Week one, and I’m already matched up against the commish of the league. He tried to be all Vince McMahon and stack the odds against me, but it was all for naught. Peyton Manning had just an okay game, despite ESPN analysts saying he was the better QB in Sunday night’s game (he wasn’t – Eli was; especially in the second half). Marvin Harrison and Muhsin Muhammad both had pretty good games in terms of receiving yards, though neither scored a TD. Cadillac Williams was really hurting from the injuries to Tampa Bay’s line, and if that continues I’ll have to start Warrick Dunn in his place. Deuce McCallister is most definitely going to be taking a backseat to Bush this season, who is already showing in Week 1 that he’s the next big thing in the NFL (Jamal Lewis despite his age might have to take Deuce’s spot in week 2). Jeremy Shockey put up good numbers and a TD, and luckily fantasy leagues don’t deduct points for being a moron and running in for more yards when you’re next to the sideline and the clock’s running late in the 4th. Vinateri put up some points simply because he’s literally the only field-goal kicker currently on Indy’s roster…hopefully that foot heals this week. The Seattle Defense only allowed six points, but didn’t do a Hell of a lot else (in what was a TERRIBLE game by the way). Too bad I didn’t foresee Tampa Bay shitting the bed so bad against the Ravens D.

Final Score: Modor’s Posse 65, Malicious Bastards 57
Notes: Despite a win, Carson Palmer didn’t produce enough statistically to get on the board for points. LaDainian Tomlinson and Chester Taylor both had great games, scoring 11 each. Hines Ward had a decent game – 8 catches for 56 yards and a touchdown. Meanwhile, the Greg Jennings experiment (much like with The Klopf) didn’t pay off at all. Randy McMichael shat the bed in the Dolphins’ season opener against Pittsburgh, making only one catch for 10 measly yards. The Bears defense was the big scorer for my team with their total dominance of Green Bay this week. My bench didn’t produce anything of note either, with the exception of Fred Taylor – so I know at least if his numbers keep up, I have a decent back waiting in the winds for the bye week.

Record: 0-1
Final Score: Flying Dutchmen 89.03, Franklin County Jail 66.05
Notes: Miserable effort all-around. Tom Brady did well enough to barely hit into double-digits for points. The wide receiving corps (Chad Johnson, Javon Walker, and Derrick Mason) didn’t have a good week at all, only accumulating 139 yards between the three of them with no touchdowns. Cadillac Williams completely shat the bed behind an injury-depleted Tampa Bay O-Line. Julius Jones did very well and was the top scorer for the week, recording 111 yards and a TD. I ended up starting The Klopf at TE over Dallas Clark due to concerns over the latter’s concussion. Subsequently, Clark got a TD while The Klopf didn’t even touch the ball the entire game. So much for the Rams putting more emphasis on the TE. Jacksonville’s 3 interceptions helped it produce this week against the Cowboys. NEXT WEEK – Muhsin Muhammad will most likely come off my bench to start for Week 2, and if the Tampa O-Line doesn’t improve, then he’ll most likely be replaced by Warrick Dunn.

Points: 8/16
Correct Picks: Pittsburgh 28, Miami 17; New Orleans 19, Cleveland 14; Atlanta 20, Carolina 6; Philadelphia 24, Houston 10; Cincinatti 23, Kansas City 10; New England 19, Buffalo 17 (picked Buffalo who beat 9.0 point spread); Chicago 26, Green Bay 0; San Diego 27, Oakland 0.
Incorrect Picks: Baltimore 27, Tampa Bay 0; Seattle 9, Detroit 6 (lost on 6.0 point spread to Detroit); Jets 23, Tennessee 16; St. Louis 18, Denver 10; Jacksonville 24, Dallas 17; Arizona 34, San Francisco 27 (San Fran beat the 7.5 spread); Indianapolis 26, Giants 21; Minnesota 19, Washington 16.

Mixed feelings for the week as a whole, but mostly positive. The Galactic Inquisitors have put the FFFL on notice as being a team to be wary of. Though losing my game in the NBSFL, I was third for scoring for the entire league this week, and if Palmer had recorded any points for the week I would’ve been sitting pretty. Like I said above, the LAFL effort was just miserable, and it’s not looking terribly good. 8/16 in the Yahoo Pick ‘Em League isn’t all that bad either, especially considering it was kind a weird Week 1 in that 11 teams won on the road.

More later…

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  1. September 12, 2006 at 8:33 pm

    See if you can get Gore, the RB from SF.

  2. September 16, 2006 at 8:21 pm

    i just needed the week one ass-kicking to get my team into gear. we’ll be back strong this week, trust me.

    • September 16, 2006 at 9:39 pm

      You keep telling yourself that.


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