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Dull Reflections On What I Did Today

Ever get so overtired you can’t sleep? Yeah, that’s me tonight.

Got up at 8:00am today (after about four hours of sleep) to take a Civil Service exam. To qualify for the job, all I have to do is place in the top 3%. Now, at the beginning, they gave instructions and urged everyone to read through them carefully, which I did. One of the instructions pertained to what questions to do, as there were two test booklets given for over six positions that were being tested for, and each position had different questions they had to answer. For example, each book had a total of 150 questions, however for the one I was applying for we only had to answer 30 in the first booklet and 45 in the second.

So I glance over as I’m taking my test, and I accidentally saw the girl sitting next to me thumbing through the pages. I noticed that she was doing the wrong questions entirely, starting from the beginning of the book. I got all paranoid, thinking that perhaps I had mis-heard and/or mis-read the directions. I double and triple-checked, and yep, I was doing it right. I really wanted to say something to her, but unfortunately I couldn’t. I felt bad, but my hands were tied.

So I finish the test, and notice I’m easily the first one done. I walk by people in my row, who are all testing for the same position as me, and I notice they’re making the same mistake the person next to me made (answering every single question in the book). Most of them will probably be disqualified based on that. Long story short, I may land in the top 3% just because people didn’t bother to pay attention to the directions. Oh, that and it was freaking middle-school reading comprehension and elementary-level math.

It’ll be good to have my name on a list, but I’m waiting on an official offer for a job that’ll pay more than the position I tested for anyway. More details on that when it becomes official.

So I got home from the test at about 11:00am and fumbled around the house a bit until the Fashion Show at Fashion Bug. Yes, you read that correctly. Not only did I go to a Fashion Show, but Fashion Bug is still in business. The reason I went, of course, is because the two oldest nieces were in it. They modeled three outfits each, and it turned out to be a big scam to get parents to buy clothes for their kids in a desperate attempt to boost sales for that specific store. Actually, the word “desperate” might be a little generous. They were literally begging people to buy something, offering 40% off everything, etcetera. Whatever, the girls had fun and my mother took pictures.

The whole thing lasted quite a bit longer than I expected it to, since the show itself started (and ran) late and my nieces decided to buy clothes (cheap sales tactics work wonders on children!). What was originally going to be an hour-long trip turned two and a half hours of “get me the Hell out of here.” So I finally got home a little after 4:00pm, turned on the TV and watched the first half of the Notre Dame/Penn State game. I figured I looked awful from lack of sleep until I saw Penn State head coach Joe Paterno, who I am convinced is part of an elaborate scam. Watch him the next time they show Penn State on the sidelines – it’s just assistant coaches running around and saying stuff to him as he nods with an expression that says “I have no idea where I am.”

And now, I present to you, Joe Paterno’s dialogue during the game against Notre Dame:
“What? Bobby, what? Who? What dame? Oh, the game. We’re down HOW MANY points? That son of a bitch Rockne is gonna be the death of me, I tell ya. I’m just glad we don’t play ‘Bama this year…Bear Bryant’s a goddamn cheater, that’s why! Who has my pills?”

Needless to say, a lopsided score at halftime (20-0) and severe lack of sleep led to me passing out on the couch until 7:30. I got up and called Ryan to make plans for the Ohio State/Texas game. Before watching we went to Taco Bell for dinner…where, even though it was a different location than last time (which was in Albany), we experienced terribly slow service from people who looked like they wanted no part of being there. At least this time the workers weren’t high, disappearing for minutes at a time, and mumbling incoherently while taking your order.

So we ate cold, poor-quality Mexican food and spent most of the night playing the old X-Men arcade game (Nightcrawler is easily the best character with Colossus running a close second for his mighty “oooooOOOOOOOOH!” special maneuver). The game itself was pretty disappointing for all the hype it received, except for one of the announcers dropping a “Legion of Doom” reference (Ohio State defensive linemen James Laurinaitis is the son of Road Warrior Animal). The game proved to me what I already suspected – Texas didn’t win the National Championship last year, Vince Young did. Not to take anything away from Ohio State, who looked awesome on both sides of the ball. It’s definitely going to be their year, though I don’t know if I’m ready to name them National Champs two weeks into the season.

So yeah, came back from that, and here I am…hours later, overtired and unable to sleep. And hey, remember all those things I said were coming up as updates? Well, they’re still coming. Just not tonight. Maybe tomorrow. One of them, anyway. Probably the review of ROH’s “Death Before Dishonor IV” DVD.

This was the most boring blog ever.

More later…

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