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My Fantasy Football Draft Results (LAFL)

TEAM: Franklin County Jail
LEAGUE: Laziness & Apathy Football League (LAFL)

Ten teams total in a snaked draft; draft position was 10th, meaning I’d get last pick on odd-numbered rounds and first pick on even-numbered rounds. It worked out pretty well and went by quickly. Maybe half of the teams (if that) were on auto-draft.

Starting Roster
QB – Tom Brady (New England)
RB – Carnell Williams (Tampa Bay)
RB – Julius Jones (Dallas)
WR – Chad Johnson (Cincinatti)
WR – Javon Walker (Denver)
WR – Derrick Mason (Baltimore)
TE – Dallas Clark (Indianapolis)
K – John Kasay (Carolina)
DEF – Jacksonville Jaguars
QB – Drew Brees (New Orleans)
RB – Warrick Dunn (Atlanta)
RB – Deuce McAllister (New Orleans)
WR – Muhsin Muhammad (Chicago)
WR – Greg Jennings (Green Bay)
TE – Joe Klopfenstein (St. Louis)
K – Josh Scobee (Jacksonville)
DEF – Dallas Cowboys

1. Carnell Williams (RB, Tampa Bay)
2. Chad Johnson (WR, Cincinatti)
3. Julius Jones (RB, Dallas)
4. Tom Brady (QB, New England)
5. Warrick Dunn (RB, Atlanta)
6. Javon Walker (WR, Denver)
7. Derrick Mason (WR, Baltimore)
8. Muhsin Muhammad (WR, Chicago)
9. Deuce McAllister (RB, New Orleans)
10. Jaguars (DEF, Jacksonville)
11. Drew Brees (QB, New Orleans)
12. Dallas Clark (TE, Indianapolis)
13. John Kasay (K, Carolina)
14. Joe Klopfenstein (TE, St. Louis)
15. Greg Jennings (WR, Green Bay)
16. Cowboys (DEF, Dallas)
17. Josh Scobee (K, Jacksonville)

I’m pretty happy with my picks. I really wanted to make sure I had a strong Receiving Corps and solid Backs, and I think I accomplished that. As you can tell I’m still high on Klopfenstein and Jennings, and I’m thinking both could very well be in the regular starting rotation before the end of the year. In fact, I’m most likely starting Klopfenstein for Sunday, since Clark is still recovering from a concussion and listed as “questionable” (which leads me to think that he might play but won’t have too many balls thrown his way).

The only thing I’m concerned with is my defense, which is a little iffy. The problem is that defensive teams went WAY earlier than I expected, and the top ten were like ducks in a row with the draft snaking away from me. Whatever, I’m happy.

More later…

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