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Glimpse of An Alternate Reality Where I Can Play Music and Record a Solo Album

Q: What happens when I get bored and overtired to the point of not being able to sleep?
A: I show what would happen if I could play music, was in a band, and decided to record a solo effort that was doomed to fail.

01. Smiter’s Block
02. Jars
03. The Gentle Swish of Corduroy
04. It Takes A Bank Account of Millions To Hold You Back
05. Slutty Cops
06. Proper Gramma
07. Where Mother Can’t Tell
08. The Night We Almost Died Thrice
09. John Quadro
10. The Ultimate Team
11. It’s A Song About Heroin
12. Scrapture
13. Don’t Call Me “Hun” Unless You Mean It
14. Gungadin Brings Water
15. Weapons of Mass Seduction


I purchased Bob Dylan’s “Modern Times” and Regina Spektor’s “Begin to Hope” on iTunes. I asked ellie if I should pull the trigger and download the first one. She said yes, then suggested Regina Spektor, so I said “why the Hell not.”

I have to give both a few spins before I render any personal judgment. As of right now, I’m pretty high on the Dylan album, but it’s one of those times when I really wish I had an iPod so I could just lay down, listen to it, and let it sink in. As for Regina Spektor’s album, I currently have a love/hate relationship with it, slightly tipping towards the former. We’ll see what I think of it tomorrow.

More later…

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  1. September 1, 2006 at 1:41 pm

    I’m glad someone else other than me is listening to that album (Begin to Hope) besides me. And it definitely took me a few listens to get the hang of it because it’s very different from her previous stuff.

    Also, “Gungadin Brings Water”? Brilliance, Marshall. Brilliance. Of the sheer kind.

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