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Random life crap, cats are jerks, “Little Miss Sunshine,” A&F, and Fantasy Football

I really haven’t done an LJ post in quite awhile that was just me rambling about nonsense that’s going on in my life. Well, truth be told, that’s because there isn’t a Hell of a lot going on. This past Sunday marked 60 days of sobriety. I’m still looking for a job, and nobody’s biting. People aren’t exaggerating when they complain about the job market in this area. I did get a really good lead today, though, so I’m hoping that translates to something very soon.

I was out on the porch earlier having a cigarette, and as usual the cat decided to climb onto the windowsill to whine at me. Now, any cat knows (and my cat has shown the ability to comprehend this in the past) that if there are blinds in the window, you simply nudge the blinds on the side with your nose and slip behind them. Well, the Old Bitch (Zoe) decided instead she’d be adventerous and climb between two slits or whatever you call them. It was actually quite amusing to watch, since she’s not the smallest of cats (to put it lightly), and she seemed to have a lot of fun trying to get through them even though she got stuck two or three times. She almost dragged the damn blinds down with her, too. I was simultaneously amused and annoyed. Cats are such assholes.

FELLOW SMOKERS – Never buy Winstons just because they’re on sale. Especially not by the carton. You’ll regret it as soon as you’ve started in on them.

So…plans for the weekend. Um…tonight, like I said, the draft. That’s going to be two hours at the very least. I was going to go out somewhere, but that sort of got in the way of things. Tomorrow I have…plans, I guess? Idunno…Ed, Wetsel, Kohler, and maybe other people were going to meet up for dinner, then it became dessert, and now God knows what or when or where it is. But I’m definitely doing something tomorrow that requires leaving the house in the evening hours.

Last night I saw “Little Miss Sunshine.” I liked it…it didn’t strike me as fantastic as some reviews indicated it would be, but thankfully they were from reviewers whose advice I rarely take to heart. Absolutely hilarious at parts, and it managed to pull off a “family road trip” storyline with an edge without seeming contrived. There were some very predictable plot developments (one in particular which for the sake of spoilers I won’t mention), but that was my only real complaint. It was also nice to see Steve Carrell in a role that required some restraint rather than over-the-top zany antics. I won’t go so far as to say he deserves an Oscar nomination as some have (though it wouldn’t surprise me if he did get one), but it definitely showed he had some chops. Highly recommended.

Oddly, when getting read to go out last night, I decided for some reason to wear a button-up shirt and khaki pants that were almost identical to Ryan’s, and since we’re guys neither of us had any idea what the other was wearing (nor did we care). As a result, we either looked like a gay couple or a wrestling tag team with a preppy gimmick. I opted for the latter, and suggested henceforth we be known as Ryan Abercrombie and Kevin Fitch, otherwise known as “Abercrombie & Fitch.” Ryan, being the trooper that he is, then created the tag team in the PS2 Smackdown game, and videotaped the entrance.

Here’s the video:
Abercrombie & Fitch on their way to the ring, right before squashing The Spirit Squad.
Note – yeah, there’s a black line down the center that’s inherent in videotaping something on a TV screen. But you can still see the entrance.

And here’s a pic:

Kevin Fitch (left) and Ryan Abercrombie

We are humongous dorks.


So I have my second (of two) fantasy drafts tonight. This one’s for the No BS Football League – the one with 14 teams. I have first pick, and I’m going with LaDainian Tomlinson. Sorry, I just don’t trust Shaun Alexander to stay healthy, and I don’t want him to pull a “Kurt Warner from Years Ago” where he’s awesome all season then gets injured during my fantasy league’s postseason and totally screws me. That, and I think there’s something to the Madden Curse. Not that I believe there’s an actual curse, mind you, but that they just have this weird habit of picking players who are slightly overrated.

14 teams, and the draft snakes. This is gonna be a long one.

More later…

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  1. August 25, 2006 at 10:24 pm

    Apply to Bender. Work with Sally, Ninna, Daved and me. I could even be your newhire buddy and obnoxiously show you the ropes.

    And if you work the late shift, you get to drink tea with me! Horray tea!!

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