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“Songs I’m Ashamed To Like” – The Outfield’s ‘Your Love’

“Josie’s on a vacation far away, come around and talk it over.” Twelve simple words which introduce one of the greatest songs ever recorded (in 1985 (about cheating on your wife)).

My sister Bridget and I have been discussing this song at length recently. It’s one of those songs you absolutely love as a kid, without listening to the lyrics…then when you get older, you’re like “wow, what the Hell?”

And you know he likes his girls a little bit older. Which if the video is any indication, means he likes his girls older than 35. So…it’s not only a song about cheating on your wife (though I’d probably have an affair too if I was married to a woman named Josie), but with a Granny. HOTTTTTTTT!

Speaking of hot and sexy, here’s the video, complete with “paint-stroke” special effects. Enjoy!


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