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15 Songs I’ve Been Listening To Quite a Bit This Week

Since so many of you IMed/messaged/commented about how much you like my lists for some reason.

Artist – “Song Title” (Album)
*Note – Album does not necessarily denote what album it was originally released on, but rather what album it’s on in my hard drive)

1. Dwight Yoakam – “Ain’t That Lonely Yet” (Last Chance For A Thousand Years)
– I’ve been listening to this whole compilation (subtitled “Dwight Yoakam’s Greatest Hits From the 90s”) seemingly non-stop lately. To be honest, it’s the first I’ve intentionally listened to anything Yoakam’s done, and unfortunately I have to credit Don Imus (who though I don’t listen to often always seems to be talking about how much he loves Dwight Yoakam) for sparking enough of an interest for me to pick up the album (for six bucks no less). This song in particular reminds me of someone in my past, although it wasn’t to the extreme described in this song. I also think of alcohol as the woman in the song when listening to it. How lame.

2. Dwight Yoakam – “Sorry You Asked” (Last Chance For A Thousand Years)
– I love how you can picture the narrator sitting at a bar, being approached by someone politely asking “how come so-and-so isn’t here,” and the narrator responding by going off about his failing/failed relationship. The song fading out as he’s still rambling to the unnamed individual who was just trying to be polite and instead got a long ramble about failing love is particularly hilarious and poignant.

3. Dwighty Yoakam – “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere” (Last Chance For A Thousand Years)
– Just a cool-ass song. Not much else to add.

4. Gogol Bordello – “Start Wearing Purple” (Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike)
– From what little I’ve heard of these guys, I like. I wouldn’t have been introduced to them had this song not played during the closing credits of “Everything is Illuminated,” which I saw through Netflix about six weeks ago and co-starred the band’s lead singer (and featured a brief cameo of the band as a whole). Pretty cool stuff. It also got me downloading/listening to a lot of stuff from Red Elvises, probably because of the intentionally exaggerated accents of the lead singers in both bands (Ukrainian and Russian respectively). By the way, Red Elvises post quite a few of their songs online for free download on their website (here). As for this song in particular…well, really cool blend of punk/dance/Ukrainian wedding. I dig it. You should too.

5. Beck – “It’s All in Your Mind” (Sea Change)
– I was reading a friend of mine’s blog entry (who shall remain nameless partially to not embarrass her and also because the song isn’t really all that relevant to what she was writing) and this song immediately popped into my head. Since then, I’ve been listening to it on-and-off. “Sea Change” really is an awesome, awesome album. Of all the people that bum me out for being part of the Scientology cult, Beck tops that list (especially because of flashes of brilliance and beauty such as this particular song).

6. Queens of the Stone Age – “The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret” (Rated R)
– Definitely reminds me of quite a few things that I won’t get into here. Like entry number three, though, it can just be summed up as a cool-ass song.

7. The Music – “Welcome To The North” (Welcome To The North)
– What’s funny is that I can’t stand the album, and at this very moment I can’t think of anything more fucking pretentious than a band calling themselves “The Music.” This, the first and title track, is by far the best of the album, and nothing else on it even comes close in my opinion.

8. Supertramp – “Breakfast in America” (Breakfast in America)
– How can you not love this song, and this album in particular? I’ve only heard one other Supertramp album, and it sorely disappointed me. And the song’s so damn catchy!

9. Erasure – “Chains of Love” (The Innocents)
– There’s been a period over the last several months where I’ll listen to this song non-stop for about a week and then not even touch it again for the next two or three. Consider it my “80s Pop” guilty pleasure entry.

10. L7 – “Shitlist” (Bricks Are Heavy)
– Reasons it’s cool – all-chick grunge band; incredibly pissy; Brian Pillman’s theme song during his very brief stint in ECW (where if memory serves me right he didn’t wrestle a single match). Simple and guttural, kind of like everything else L7 ever did.

11. Johnny Cash – “I Wanted So” (Johnny Cash – Personal File (Disc 1))
– Currently my favorite song off this particular CD. It’s a shame that Disc 2 is so Jesus-heavy- granted that it was was Cash circa 1973 – because Disc 1 and his later recordings related to religion blow it out of the water. Just Johnny, a guitar, and remorse. Terrific stuff.

12. The Rolling Stones – “Mother’s Little Helper” (Through The Past, Darkly-Big Hits Vol. 2)
– Simple and straight-forward, but reminds me of numerous individuals I’ve known and currently know. That, and it’s darkly fun.

13. The Arcade Fire – “Wake Up” (Funeral)
– In short – OOOOOOOOOOOOH, OOOH OOOH OOH OOH OOOOOOOOOOOOH etcetera. Currently my favorite track off “Funeral,” and the wrestling dork in me thinks it’d make a really cool entrance theme. My friend Tory has the mp3 of them performing this song with David Bowie on lead vocals from last year’s “VH1 Fashion Rocks” special, and it’s incredible. If I had known that was going to happen I probably would have – actually, no. I still don’t think I’d sit through that just to see this, especially when I can see/hear it after the fact with little effort.

14. Peter Gabriel – “No Self Control” (Shaking the Tree)
– Saw a rerun episode of “Homicide: Life on the Streets” recently on Sleuth that used this song, and it was an incredible scene. Off a greatest hits compilation released in the early 90s which, like the Yoakam CD, was purchased at The Beat Shop in downtown Troy for six bucks.

15. The New Pornographers – “Chump Change” (Electric Version)
– Nothing I’ve heard from the band after this particular album set my world on fire, and I don’t think it was “OMG MOST EXCITING ALBUM IN YEARS” like so many critics claimed it was upon its release, but it’s always a fun listen – especially this song.

More later…

…oh, and don’t forget to take the “How Well Do You Know Me” test in the previous blog entry if you haven’t already. Feed my ego and curiosity! NOW!

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