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Alright, broadcast networks…

…I have a pitch. NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox – LISTEN UP! Three new hit dramas that are guaranteed to become ratings blockbusters and give water cooler chatter the intensity of a UN Security Council meeting.

1. Randall Gotch works two jobs – by day, he’s a police detective. By night, he’s a doctor in an emergency room. In both jobs, he don’t take guff from no one, and comes up with wild theories that always turn out to be right while verbally dressing down his peers and making passive-aggressive comments about them not thinking outside the box. I call this show – Sassy Dr. Cop.

2. Anywhere from 6 to 10 strangers start having strange experiences. As time goes on, these people find they are connected in some way by a mysterious force and the mysterious happenings occurring around them, even though at the beginning of the series they are complete strangers. I call this show – Every One-Hour Drama Premiering Fall 2006.

3. Rich kids in their late teens and early twenties must balance friendship, romance, murder and/or impending murder with the day-to-day struggle of inheriting trust funds. I call this show People Born After 1985 With Secrets.

You people in the industry know how to contact me.

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