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15 Items in X3 That Don’t Make Sense

So I’ve had a couple people ask me to elaborate on the goings-on for the film X3 that, to me, made absolutely no sense. Here’s the list.

1. Magneto not being recognized at the end. This one REALLY bothered me. See, they establish at various points in the film that people know exactly who Magneto is. The government’s got a huge hard-on for him, and they want to capture him by any means necessary. He even has a “Magneto bin Laden” moment in the film after he has Pyro attack Worthington Labs, issuing a proclamation that airs on every network that this was simply the first salvo, they’re at war with the humans, blah blah blah. So at the end, he’s just…chilling out in a park in San Francisco? And NOBODY recognizes him?!

2. Magneto, the Juggernaut, and others go to Jean Grey’s house…in full costume. And people are chilling out, kids playing, and nobody says “holy shit, those are the mutant terrorists in full costume!” And not one of them calls the cops. Whart?!

3. Magneto enlists Jean Grey/Phoenix for his army. This despite the fact that he knows she’s wicked powerful, has an unstable mind, etcetera. Which brings up the next problem:

4. Phoenix has NO motivation or reason to join up with Magneto. None. At all.

5. Magneto uses the Multiple Man as a decoy as he takes his army to San Francisco. Because you know, he needs expendable pawns for the first wave of the attack. It’s established that he knows they’re all just going to get shot with the depowering darts. So rather than use a guy who can make HUNDREDS of copies of himself, he instead uses him just to make the government look stupid and allow him to be captured. Right.

6. Professor X’s dick line to Wolverine: “I don’t have to explain myself, least of all to you.” What?! What’s he got against Logan?! Actually, wasn’t it established in the first two films that he thinks quite fondly of the guy? That line came out of nowhere and had no basis whatsoever. And it led to the bigger problem of Professor X pretty much looking like a dick, so when he died the reaction is more along the lines of “yeah, that was totally your own fault.”

7. Phoenix kills Cyclops. I don’t know where to even begin with this one. Rattner and company horribly fumbled this character (along with several others).

8. Wolverine’s regenerating powers prevent him from being disintegrated by Phoenix. Despite the fact that Phoenix can disintegrate people automatically at will, and it being established that Wolverine’s healing factor is processed much slower than the disintegration. It’d be one thing if they established she was holding back, but clearly she wasn’t.

9. Colossus (a guy whose skin is steel) and Wolverine (whose skeleton is metal) go into battle against Magneto’s army. Although this particular problem exists in the comics too, and has bugged me since I was a kid. You’d think someone would say “hey, the Master of Magneticism is gonna be there, maybe you guys should just stay home and cook dinner.” Also: Magneto can move an entire section of the Golden Gate Bridge, but it never occurs to him while the X-Men are kicking his army’s ass, he can immediately dispatch of two of them. Speaking of which…

10. Magneto moves the Golden Gate Bridge. They’re all looking at Alcatraz, and Juggernaut says “how are we getting there? I can’t swim.” So Magneto decides to move an entire section of the most famous bridge in the world, and use that to cross. Rather than…you know, use the most powerful mutant in the world, who’s a telekinetic, to just bring them all there.

11. The government doesn’t put a mole in Magneto’s army. Seriously, how fucking hard would that have been?

12. Callisto gets TWO mutant powers. Even though everybody else only has one. Why? Probably because they didn’t want to pay another actor to play Caliban.

13. Kitty Pryde discovers that Leech cancels out mutant abilities. The X-Men knew that the boy was the source of the “cure,” and that his mutant ability is to cancel out the powers of others within a certain proximity. Still, they send Kitty Pryde to get the boy, and it doesn’t occur to them to tell her this. Also, Magneto didn’t bother to tell Juggernaut this either.

14. The opening “20 Years Ago, 10 Years Ago, In the Not So Distant Future” prologue. So…wait, it takes place in the future? Aren’t we watching it happen? Doesn’t the entire rest of the movie move forward in time without going to a single flashback? Wouldn’t what we’re seeing be the present? Why say it takes place in the near future to begin with? Does Rattner have ANY idea what the Hell he’s doing? (Answers: supposedly, yes, yes, it should be, who knows, and no).

15. Magneto and others find the use of the “cure” as weapons SHOCKING. Really? It never occurs to ANYONE?

And that, my friends, is the short list of things that boggled my mind and insulted my intelligence. Again, I will reiterate that the movie has its positives, but the negatives far outweight them.

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  1. June 3, 2006 at 5:40 am

    Just came back from the movie, have a lot of the same questions and more.

    I turned to AJ at one point, after a lot of exposition and went, “Hey? Does anyone care what happened to Cyclopes?” Man, did they shit on his character.

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