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Babe Ruth; AJ Pierzynski

So I’m listening to Gary Radnich’s morning show on KNBR (streamed on the web), and a caller asked if it was true that Ruth hit number 714 when he was 26-years-old. And of course, if he had even taken a second to think about the question, he probably would’ve realized how ridiculous that assertion is. Conversation then turned to if maybe he had hit his 100th home run when he was 26 (according to the fantastic Baseball-Reference.com he was actually 25).

But even more interesting? Well, it’s our FUN FACT OF THE DAY: Babe Ruth had a career ERA of 2.28, and a postseason ERA of 0.87.

Edit – and apparently, when Ruth was 26 he hit number 165 to become the then all-time leader in career home runs. Which is insane when you consider that at some point the number was THAT LOW.

Oh, and how about that sucker-punch from Mikey Barrett on Saturday to AJ Pierzynski during the White Sox/Cubs game? Completely uncalled for. What’s amazing are the people saying that Pierzynski deserved it. Okay, for one, the guy had a tumultuous career and has tried to put that behind him, even though most fans won’t allow a guy to do that (it’s not like he took illegal substances and cheated his way into the record books).

Regardless, it’s a moot point. Look at the play. Barrett was in the direct path of the baseline, and was crouching as if he expected the ball. Pierzynski is barrelling home to score a run, and how exactly is he supposed to know the ball ISN’T going to Barrett? Tell this to a member of the Cubbie Cult, and they’ll retaliate with “oh well it was because Pierzynski slapped the base”…which is total BS because Barrett said he didn’t even see it. THEN the Cubbie Cultist will cite Barrett’s comments about AJ coming at him. Which makes sense, I guess, if you consider him walking away from home plate and being pulled towards Barrett right before the sucker punch to be “threatening provocation.” In which case, remind me to never bring you to a bar or ever be in any position to have to try to defend you in a court of law.

Just admit that it was uncalled for. Barrett was WAY out of line for what he did. That being said, it made for GREAT television, and I absolutely loved it. I also like crazy-ass Brian Anderson running out to defend AJ like Kevin Costner in the bodyguard and throwing haymakers at Cubbies. Man, what fun!

So yeah, I’m saying that Barrett was out of line, but who cares? One of the most fun brawls you’ll ever watch. Even more fun was watching Pierzynski being the only guy on The White Sox who DIDN’T physically retaliate, even going so far as to no-sell the punch like he’s Hulk Hogan. What a week for baseball.

More later…

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