New episode of “Lost” tomorrow. Two hours. I’m willing to bet that for every answer we get, three more will be raised.

Edit 5/17/06 – Season finale is not tonight. ellie is a dirty whore of a liar and she made me into a liar.

In related news, next season Lost will air in two blocks of uninterrupted episodes, similar to what Fox did this year with “Prison Break.” The season starts with seven new episodes, takes a hiatus until January or February, then completes the season uninterrupted. I prefer this to what was done this season, so color me happy.

In other news, my friend Seth somehow got ahold of an image still that reveals the true nature of the black smoke:

Phew! I thought I was going crazy when I saw Eko and Locke doing basic aerobics to pop songs from the early sixties.

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