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Skip Bayless: “Bonds is Sticking Around”

Skip Bayless – Bonds is Sticking Around (ESPN.com)

Yet Buster [Olney] and his sources are not alone. You keep hearing this from other national writers and analysts: “Barry Bombs!” (as in failing for an entire game to do anything more than scorch a couple of liners that are snagged by outfielders or by infielders playing in shallow right). You hear that Barry can barely walk. You hear Barry’s elbow is like shattered glass. You hear, as Buster says, “Bonds is showing real signs of physical regression.”

Forgive me, but you won’t hear this from me. I hate to be the bearer of sad tidings, but I’m as sure Bonds will play three or four more seasons as Buster is that Bonds is nearly history.

Skip has a really good point if you have not seen Barry Bonds try to run jog the bases this year. Bonds lost a lot of speed when he bulked up, but before last year’s surgery he never struggled physically on a routine jog around the bases the way he has this season. Half-heartedly jogging to first during a routine ground-out in last night’s game was giving him pain, for crying out loud.

I understand that good ol’ Skip is just playing Devil’s Advocate for the sake of writing an interesting column to spark debate. Also, he’s right in that Bonds is breaking down psychologically under the pressure of the record and media/fan scrutiny.

But to deny that Bonds is also breaking down physically? C’mon, Skip! You need to open your eyes, or at least watch Barry Bonds get a hit during an at-bat. Then again, considering Bonds has only had 5 hits on 36 at-bats this month (with his last hit on the 9th), I can’t fully Blame Skip for missing it.

Three or four more seasons? He’ll be lucky if he makes it past the Summer. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – within the next ten years, Barry Bonds’ physical deterioration will be the best commercial for the prevention of steroid abuse the FDA could ever ask for.

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