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Friday Links for 5/12/06


Mr. T sez “Treat Your Mother Right” (YouTube.com) – For mother’s day, the baddest mother of all the mothers wants you to treat your (and his) mother right. Mother.

Rick Sutcliffe’s Guest Commentary (gaslampball.com) – 1984 Cy Young Award Winner, former San Diego Padres color commentator, and current ESPN analyst Rick Sutcliffe showed up to the booth wasted during Wednesday’s game agains the Cubs. Listen to the story about Bill Murray afterwards, which if you’re anything like me or one of my co-workers will have you saying “former CUBBIE…” the rest of the day.

John Lennon Invented the iPod (YouTube.com) – “O” News breaks the story.

Improv Everywhere Invades Best Buy (improveverywhere.com) – Large group of volunteers join in on the effort to invade a Manhattan “Best Buy” store dressed as employees. Some are even helpful to customers. Real employees are not pleased.

Google Trends (Google.com) – Google does its own Googlefights. Compare Bill Brasky and anyone else. It’ll depress you, and if it doesn’t, then you hate America.

Dinosaur Comics – God knows how I’m just discovering this. The same panels used for every comic, but the material is so ludicrous it makes it hilarious. There’s also a syndicated feed: dinosaurcomics

Roger Clemens’ Family Offers Him One-Year, $10 Million Contract (TheOnion.com) – Is what it says.

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