New Timm/Dini DC Villain icon!

This time it’s The Ultra-Humanite. In the comics, as in Justice League, the character is that of a brilliant but mad (of course) scientist who can transfer his mind into any body of his choosing. Timm and Dini chose the Albino Gorilla body, which is probably his best known form. They also modified him to make him a much more sympathetic character, as is evidenced by his only appearance in the two-part “Injustice For All” from season one of “Justice League.” In it, there is no mention of the ability to transfer bodies, and his origin is not mentioned or dwelled upon.

The villain first appeared in Action Comics #13, facing off with Superman. He’s widely considered to be the first super-villain in comic book history.

[After turning on Luthor to accept money from Batman, the character is watching a public access presentation of an opera while Luthor screams from an adjacent cell.]
Voiceover: This program was made possible by a grant from the Ultra-Humanite…and viewers like you.

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