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Another iTunes meme

Taken from spf566, though posted after bpdermody took it from same said person’s LJ, so I’ll give him credit too. Or something.

Put iTunes on shuffle, take first 20 titles that come up, and add “in my pants” to the end of it.

1. Make My Joyplane Crash and Burn in my pants.
2. Just Fade Away in my pants.
3. Chump Change in my pants.
4. Pot Kettle Black in my pants.
5. Float On in my pants.
6. After Hours in my pants.
7. Intro – Dream Sequence in my pants.
8. Think For Yourself in my pants.
9. Even Deeper in my pants. (Finally, one that’s kinda funny!)
10. You’re Gonna Kill That Girl in my pants.
11. The End of Medicine in my pants. (There’s no cure.)
12. Daisy Ran Train in my pants. (Holler to my boy Nodal Nim!)
13. Birthday in my pants.
14. In the Jailhouse Now in my pants.
15. Love at First Feel in my pants.
16. Stay Away in my pants.
17. Emergency Exit in my pants. (It was THAT frightening.)
18. Rock Show in my pants.
19. Bukowski in my pants. (Well, people who still read him can suck it anyway.)
20. A Peak You Reach in my pants.

Hey, let’s turn this around. See if you can correctly name the artists. 12 is already given. Three artists have two songs each, which considering there’s over 1800 songs on the playlist, really shouldn’t have been happened (let alone three times). Good luck!

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