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Speaking of Flight 93…

Lawmaker Blocks Flight 93 Memorial (MSNBC.com)

From the article:

But for three years, that field has made do with a makeshift monument while one member of Congress, Rep. Charles H. Taylor (R-N.C.), has blocked a $10 million request to buy the land for a permanent memorial to the 40 passengers and crew members who overpowered hijackers bent on crashing their jet into the Capitol or the White House.

For Taylor, a large landowner in the mountains of western Carolina, the issue comes down to principle: The federal government is already the largest landowner in the country, and he believes that no additional tax dollars should go to more land buying for this or any other memorial. Beyond that, the families have committed to raising half the $60 million needed to build the memorial but so far have raised $7.5 million. Taylor is concerned that the federal government will be left holding the bag.

I understand he’s a fiscal Conservative, to a fault. But there’s times where you prove a point by proposing, opposing, or blocking legislation and/or funding. This…really isn’t one of those times.

PICKING AND CHOOSING BATTLES, FOLKS! Learn it, live it, love it!

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  1. April 25, 2006 at 2:36 pm

    Maybe this should be up to the local government instead of the Federal? If the County thinks it can stay afloat with more money going to the Feds and less being taxable, then this guy should sit down and shut up.

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