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Lost, Episode 2.18: “Dave”

I’m walking dead right now. For whatever reason, I was up until 2:30am. Shawn Michaels’ Tag Team Partner* only knows why…

ANYWAYS…”Lost” was last night!

Not a bad episode. The Hurley character is more developed than a lot of (most) other characters on the island who have had as much or greater exposure, whether through events on the island or flashback episodes. In this it’s confirmed that yes, he was a patient at a psychiatric hospital. There he had a (revealed to be) imaginary friend Dave, who encouraged him to eat and escape. He sees Dave on the island, and freaks out.

VERY IMPORTANT BUT UNDERSTATED IN THE EPISODE: Hurley put the fear of Shawn Michaels’ Tag Team Partner* into Sawyer after he made fun of his hallucination. It put a smile on the face of everyone who saw it, especially Jin (which was pretty funny). More importantly it put Sawyer in his place and made him realize that just because certain individuals on the island might appear to be meeker, he is NOT the alpha male he thought he was. This is something that was almost treated as an afterthought but I think will become very important for his character down the road (which is how good character development is done).

Meanwhile, in the hatch, “Henry” is being interrogated by Sayed and Ana-Lucia. He won’t tell his real name or reveal the number of The Others present on the island. He does, however, say that should he reveal any of that, “he’ll kill me.” Sayed threatens death from his end if he doesn’t speak, and later on in the scene almost does so. Ana-Lucia assumes “Henry” is speaking of Mr. Friendly/Zeke, to which he laughs and reveals that “he’s nobody.” Towards the end of the episode there’s also a brief exchange between “Henry” and Locke, another one where what isn’t said is more important than what IS said.

These brief scenes revealed a few important points:
1. Mr. Friendly/Zeke is NOT their leader (just the face of the Others to the castaways). As a matter of fact, he’s not high on the heierarchy. At all.
2. The Others have a potentially powerful and influential leader that the castaways aren’t aware of.
3. Some (or most) of The Others may not be there and/or following orders voluntarily.
4. The hatch is bugged.

The last one is a leap, but not too much. Think of it this way: if the leader of The Others would kill him for talking, how would he know? What, he’s just going to take Henry’s word for it that he didn’t talk? “Henry” is smart enough to know that if the leader was that concerned, he’d be dead either way when (and if) he’s returned to The Others. Unless the Leader knew for certain that he didn’t talk. The only way he can know for certain is if the hatch is bugged.

The Hurley Story: Basically, he was nuts and got better. He still eats to punish himself for an accident that killed two people, which he believes to be his fault (he stepped onto a deck that was already way over capacity and it collapsed). So now we know why he hasn’t lost weight, so we can scratch him off the list of miracles (Locke walking; Jin impregnating). Seeing Dave again throws him over the deep end, as mentioned earlier. Dave convinces Hurley that he never left the asylum, and that everything/everyone on the island is in his head. FWIW, the dialogue was so well-written (and acted) that for a split-second I was convinced it was all in Hurley’s head. Then I went into a temporary rage, probably the same one felt by people who saw the series finale of St. Elsewhere. Then I went “wait a minute, no.”

Dave almost convinces Hurley to commit suicide, but is convinced otherwise by Libby (who went to the cliff after Jin saw Hurley up there and told Sun). Hurley says “maybe I know you from somewhere because I made you up,” to which she takes great offense because she’s had to bury other Tailies. She finally kisses him, solidifying their relationship, and gets him off the cliff. Then we see Hurley interacting with Dave at the Asylum (nobody’s there), and a doped up Libby is looking on. Then BRIEF SCARY STRINGS COME IN OMG WTF BBQ. End of episode.

As usual, though, more questions than answers.
1. Is “Henry” telling the truth? He told Locke he’s sick of lying, and his apparent fear of The Others and hatred of/confusion over the island could be just a way of working Locke. However, he’s been tortured by Sayed, interrogated by everyone, freaked out by Eko, and held against his will for a few days now. All that taken into consideration, at this point he’s so fucked in the head that he’s got to be developing Stockholm Syndrome. You get the feeling he really WANTS to tell them more and can’t.
2. Why was Libby in the psychiatric hospital? Maybe we’ll get a flashback episode next week that’ll explain! Actually, no, we won’t. Next week is Rose and Bernard.
3. Did Jin and Sun really tell Libby about Hurley, or was she trailing him the entire time?
4. Where the HELL did all that food come from? I still can’t believe that the castaways, who already have food, would be stupid enough to just say “hey, food appeared out of freaking nowhere, let’s grab it and dig in!” Then again, they’re probably just getting desperate.
5. What is up with Eko’s continuing interest in Charlie? And, again, what’s he building?
6. What are Libby’s intentions? Did she simply not want people to know she was a mental patient, or is she hiding more about the island? And finally, we have the kicker…
7. Was Dave REALLY just Hurley’s hallucination? For one, since they were in the woods when Hurley was chasing him, there’s no indication that he actually would have run by Eko and Charlie. Also, there was something the entire time about the Doctor character that was a little unsettling…his manner of delivering certain questions led me to believe at times that he was just mind-fucking Hurley. Now, the ending would lead one to believe that we have solid proof, and they were making it very clear, that Dave does not exist (with Hurley putting his arm around an empty chair for the photograph). However, it’s important to note that the final scene was not Hurley’s flashback…it was Libby’s. It’d all be pretty dumb and convoluted, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if in the season finale or early next season, Sun asks Hurley in passing who that man was that Jin saw him with on the cliff and the proverbial shit hits the fan with Hurley.

All in all, a good episode. New one next week, where Jack brings “Henry” out to a spot and demands an exchange: “Henry” for Walt. Not gonna happen.

The producers need to answer a few of the questions they’ve raised in the season finale in three weeks. It’s just getting so ridiculous, and so convoluted, that if they end the season with yet another cliffhanger that provides more (even BIGGER) questions, a good portion of the audience is going to assume that there really aren’t any long-term resolutions in place, and as a result they’ll start dropping off.

*God. I realized that those of you who don’t watch WWE or read my LJ posts about it probably find that first statement to be pretty gay with the reference just hanging there like that.

More later…

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  1. April 6, 2006 at 4:50 pm

    Libby was a redhead too… that’s just so weird. Do we really know she’s a psychiatrist? We should go back and look at the last hurley ep, where he went back to the hospital to see that guy again. Maybe Libby was there too?

    It was weird with the slipper… Because it seemed real, real enough to hide from Libby.

    Jack hallucinated his father once too.

    • April 6, 2006 at 5:03 pm

      i’m carefully not reading the spoiler, cuz my tape didn’t work last night since i apparantly forgot to change the clock on my tv for daylight savings. GRR. hopefully i’ll be able to find a tape from someone :-/

    • April 6, 2006 at 5:42 pm

      Good point with Jack’s father…though this was a scenario wherein Hurley’s “hallucination” was supposed to be just that all along, rather than someone the person previously had a real-life relationship with. With what we saw the black smoke do to Eko – pull memories (specifically traumatic ones) out of him – it’s also possible that it’s the source of both Jack hallucinating his father and “Dave” re-appearing in Hugo’s psyche.

      Libby may have been in that episode…I agree, I’d have to see it again. Especially since I somehow missed Jack running in the background during Shannon’s flashback episode about the death of her father.

      I can’t recall: did Libby ever directly make the claim she’s a therapist/psychiatrist, or did someone else stick her with that label and she just didn’t correct him/her?

      The slipper thing anyone, including Libby, could’ve easily missed (or if she’s somehow blocking this individual she’d probably block that too). So IF Dave is real, maybe he was somehow involved in a trumatic episode of her life as well.

      • Anonymous
        April 6, 2006 at 6:05 pm

        Dave can’t be real, I won’t go for that. I don’t think a doctor would go to that length, and I don’t think a human being could really behave like that. Plus clues like the basketball game etc.

        Although Dave maybe an image of someone from Hurley’s past, like his father. I don’t remember a father ever being in the picture, wasn’t he raised by his grandmother?

        Libby *does* act like a psychiatrist though, at several different times. I think she told Sawyer or Michael that she was at one point.

      • April 6, 2006 at 6:06 pm

        Oops sorry, that was me.

      • April 6, 2006 at 6:32 pm

        I forgive your faux pas. Hope your lunch was good.

        See, the thing with the basketball games and all the clues was that to me, it was TOO obvious that he wasn’t real. I mean, it was so telegraphed from the moment the character was mentioned that I have a hard time believing the writers would be that lazy and unoriginal with a hallucinated character. Know what I mean?

        Something or someone brought all of these people together on this island, that much is true…unless the big blowoff is going to be that all the cameos/tie-ins in the flashbacks is just pure coincidence and making some sort of statement about how people are connected. I doubt that, however, since the shows creators have repeatedly stressed the importance of the flashbacks.

        Anyways, my point is that if there is this group, or force, that somehow brought all these people together, I wouldn’t doubt that they/it would arrange for that Doctor to screw with Hurley’s head.

  2. April 6, 2006 at 6:15 pm

    I’m beginning to wonder this:

    People on the island have had hullicinations that other people have shared. Kate’s horse being one of them. When Ana-Lucia shot Saiyed’s lil lady, Jin and everyone else heard the noise of the others, the same noise that prompted Ana-Lucia to shoot.

    Why did Hurley just see Dave? Why did only Charlie have the hullicinations about the baby? Why can some of the other cast-a-ways see some hallicinations and others can not?

    “Henry” said that God couldn’t see what went on the island. WTF does that mean?

    • April 6, 2006 at 6:29 pm

      It was just him being overdramatic. The important implication is that there are some really strange, and potentially very awful, things that have happened, are happening, and will happen on the island.

      And, again, the writers giving another sly little “fuck you” to the people who still insist that the island is purgatory.

      Speaking of hallucinations – everyone was convinced that Walt was a hallucination until Sayed saw him too. What’s interesting, though, is that he was standing right next to her when he saw Walt. Same with the other hallucinations you pointed out. Are these maybe localized hallucinations, where it’s not so much the individual as much as the immediate area surrounding them? THAT DAMN BLACK SMOKE?!

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