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Opening Day, RAW Thoughts, and Birthday Shopping

Oakland starting pitcher Barry Zito left after a little over one inning. The poor guy got absolutely PUMMELED, and starts the season off with a 47.25 ERA. As a fantasy owner who has him on my team, I’m upset. As a Yankees fan, however…man, they’re not messing around this year, are they? Note – it’s the bottom of the 6th and the score is Yankees 13, Athletics 1.

Kenji Johjima, the first Japanese Catcher in baseball, hit one out of the park in his very first hit in the regular season. That’s either dumb luck, or Holy crap this kid’s gonna be great. Maybe there’s something behind all that hype…


RAW Thoughts
– Cena’s at his best when his character (and perhaps even he himself) is on the defensive. Man, that Chicago crowd HATES him. He gets bad reactions in some places, but…damn. He’s handling himself well though, and it makes his push intriguing that they’re actually playing up his unpopularity with half the crowd. I don’t recall any promotion ever doing that with a face champion. The Edge/HHH back-and-forth was very good, especially with the put-downs. Edge seemed to stumble a bit, though.

LINE OF THE NIGHT: John Cena, in reference to the Edge/HHH confrontation: “It looks like He-Man and Skeletor have things to settle.” First time I’ve laughed at Cena in a LONNNNG time.

– Your new tag team champions: MIKEYYYYY! And…KENNYYYYYY! People hate on the “Spirit Squad” gimmick, but for guys that young, it’s a great starting off point. Did anyone else see Ken Doane freaking leap from the floor all the way into the ring? Christ, that guy’s athletic. FUN FACT: Kenny is engaged to Mickie James.

– They need to stop forcing RVD to cut generic, serious promos.

– Carlito got a HUGE pop for turning on Masters. Wow. That’s probably the Chicago crowd, but if they were smart, they’d book Carlito as the face in this feud. I just can’t see people getting behind Masters as a face. “The Masterpiece” seems to be growing his hair out to hide the premature balding. Good idea in theory, but it appears to make the thinning more obvious. I only point this out because the man is younger than me, and is doing what he’s doing. Jealousy’s a sickness, and I’m diagnosed as terminal.

– Vince McMahon announces a tag match for Backlash: Him and son Shane vs. Shawn Michaels and…God. I shit you not. Vince McMahon made Shawn Michaels’ partner GOD. If they call up someone from OVW and have him do a run-in dressed as Jesus, it’ll make this all worthwhile. Actually, the angle is that Vince is losing his mind, so it makes sense, but…yeah. Almost as ridiculous as HHH’s entrance last night.

LINE OF THE NIGHT NOMINEE: Jerry Lawler: “Vince has lost his mind…he just booked God!”

– Mickie James has gone full tilt boogie, dying her hair blonde and apparently purchasing Trish Stratus’ wardrobe. Bad match (due to the presence of the Playboy bunnies), but this continues to be the best booked feud WWE’s done in a long, long time. I say that with no sarcasm or shame.

SIGN OF THE NIGHT: “Where’s Charlie Haas?” Seriously, Dan and/or I ask each other that question at least once a week. Has he even popped up in Deep South or OVW yet?

– Chavo loses to Shelton, then in an upset state declares he’s quitting. While I don’t necessarily like how they keep invoking Eddy’s name and reputation for wrestling angles, this was the best acting I’ve seen on WWE television in years. Chavo’s reaction was truly heart-wrenching.

– I missed the first part of it, but for some reason they did a little piece on the 2/3 falls match between Ricky Steamboat and Flair, where Steamboat won the NWA title. I’m assuming it was in Chicago? Regardless, I’m calling Steamboat and Foley for the Hall of Fame next year.

– In the “I had no idea” department, Osama Alejandro Rodriquez was called up from OVW. He’s now known as Armando Alejandro Estrada. He cut a very good promo on Flair, and had me legitimately excited for who he was introducing…then out comes “Umaga.” Seriously, it was the wrestling equivalent of a cock tease. Think Afa the Wild Samoan has Kamala’s baby. Goofy gimmick. It wasn’t until later that Dan pointed out that it was Jamal. He’s definitely dropped some weight. In retrospect, probably a good thing they’re using Rodriquez Estrada in this fashion, as he’s just the kind of guy to put over a gimmick that lame and outdated. Flair started the promo by saying he has one last title run in him, then was attacked by a lame 80s throwback gimmick that never really got all that over back then, either.

– Coach: “People will be talking about that at the water cooler tomorrow!” I know that the only other co-worker in my office who watches will be. If by talking about it, you mean asking “what the fuck was that?”

– It’s announced that Ozzie Guillen is in the crowd! SOMEBODY CALL DIXIE CARTER! Seriously, Jarrett probably threw a fit when he saw that.

– Either they were just playing to the Chicago crowd for tonight, or they’re seriously considering pushing HHH as a face without changing much of his character. I pray to Shawn Michaels’ tag team partner that doesn’t happen.

– HHH apparently now has two entrance themes…one for when he does nothing but rant on a mic for twenty minutes, and the other for when he gets in the ring and does knee lifts for twenty minutes.


I have to go shopping tomorrow for my niece’s birthday (which is on Wednesday). She’s officially becoming a teenager, and is at the age where I have no idea whatsoever as to what to buy as a present. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll accidentally stumble across something she’ll like. Hey, it worked for Christmas.

I should at least attempt sleep. More later…

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  1. April 4, 2006 at 10:46 am

    so, i was really into high school wrestling (i’ll refrain from calling it real wrestling). and then a boyfriend in college watched WWE every week (sort of as an ironic kind of thing) and i’d often catch bits and pieces. so to read your wrestling summaries? very amusing.

    • April 4, 2006 at 1:18 pm

      It doesn’t get more real than having GOD as your tag team partner.

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